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Methods of learning German from professional teachers

Methods of learning German from professional teachers | IFU Sprachschulung GmbH Photo

Finally, you found the answer to the question: “How quickly to learn the German language” and decided to start training with us - the school of learning German language IFU Sprachschulung GmbH. You have already chosen an interesting course of study on our site and registered. You probably wonder how the study will go, what will be done in the classroom, how you can improve your level of the German language. So today, we will tell you what kind of effective methods and techniques of the German language used by our qualified professionals to teach students.

After analyzing the best advice and recommendations of scientists on the study of the German language, in the teaching process, teachers use such techniques and methods:

  • group learning - learning takes place in small groups (7-12 people in each group), which is the most suitable for high-quality communication;
  • active learning due to high intensity of classes and their frequency (usually 3 hours a day four times a week);
  • variation of the main activities in the classroom - conversation, reading, writing and listening;
  • active use of gaming techniques, video presentations, a variety of tests, listening materials and interesting group exercises;
  • use a mnemonic method for the study of grammatical structures (songs, pictures, poems, games);
  • the constant repetition of the material studied by solving tests, all kinds of interesting tasks and exercises - "Write SMS", "How to get acquainted with a beautiful girl," "have dinner", "Share the road" and many others;
  • all kinds of tips and practical advice from teachers to overcome difficulties in learning German;

The effect of learning with the use of the best methods of learning the German language will be noticeable after the first lessons. Therefore, learn the German language in IFU Sprachschulung GmbH, and your level of knowledge of the German language will be much higher!