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German language placement Test online

Dear visitors!

You decided to learn German, but what to do next? Before choosing a course, you need to know your level of knowledge.

Pass the following test for knowledge of the German language to determine your level of knowledge, choose the course that suits you, and just have a good time.

This free online test, which does not take long. It will show you what level of knowledge you have in German. To pass the test, do the following steps:

  • Click «Start testing»
  • Select the answers to the questions;
  • The test contains 40 questions with four answers, you need to choose one of the answers;
  • To pass the test you have no time limits;
  • When you answer all questions, click «Finish testing».
  • In the notice above you will see your level in the international language classification, more about the levels you can read on the page.

Note the following: This is not a test for the German language and the test results are estimates. The assessment you receive after passing the test is not proof of your language classification.