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Intensive German course starts from 06.02.2023.

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Intensive Italian language Сourse

Course price:
€250 / 1 month (4 weeks)
€500 €450 / 2 months (8 weeks)

Course start: Every month

Time: 12:30 - 14:30

Duration: 2 hours a day, 4 times a week, 4 weeks, 32 hours

Days of the week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Group size: from 6 students

All levels: from A1.1 to C1.2

Location: 1040  Wien, Frankenberggasse 14/7,8

Transport: Karlsplatz (U1, U2, U4) | Tram 62, 1

Intensive courses schedule for 2021:

01.08.2022 - 25.08.2022
05.09.2022 - 29.09.2022
03.10.2022 - 27.10.2022
31.10.2022 - 24.11.2022

The price also includes:

✔ Elective courses

✔ Konversationskurs (German conversational course)

✔ Round tables

Have you long wanted to learn Italian from A to Z? IFU Sprachschulung GmbH will provide you with this opportunity. We offer you to take Italian language courses in Vienna.

The benefits of learning Italian at IFU Sprachschulung GmbH:
✔ small groups from 6 people, so that the teacher will be able to pay attention to each student during the lesson;
✔ the individual analysis of progress and conducted of errors of every our student are systematical;
✔ opportunity to make new friends and learn the language together.

IFU Sprachschulung GmbH offers different levels of education: from beginner to higher. With us, you can learn Italian from scratch or improve existing knowledge.

Schedule: Classes are held from Monday to Thursday from 14:45 to 17:45.

Today, Italian is ranked fifth among the most popular and studied languages in the world. It is spoken by over 70 million people and another 150 million speak it as a foreign language. The Italian language is recognized as the most beautiful and melodious language in the world. Speaking Italian is easy and pleasant, and learning is not as difficult as it seems. After completing an Italian course at IFU Sprachschulung GmbH, you will be able to see this for yourself.

Italy is a country of art, fashion, delicious cuisine, and brilliant architecture. It is the homeland of great thinkers and philosophers, the cradle of the Renaissance, a country of inspiration and romance with a rich culture and passionate temperament. Want to get a step closer to Italy? Fill a request on a website and we invite you to the first employment!

The beginning of a language course depends on the achievement of the minimum number of participants, which is 6 people. If the minimum number of participants is not reached, IFU Sprachschulung GmbH has the right to cancel the course or offer Private tuition (2 hours a day, Mon-Thu, 370 euros per month).


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