Online German course starts from 03.07.2023.

Intensive German course starts from 03.07.2023.

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Answers to our students’ most frequently asked questions

Questions about the intensive offline course at IFU Sprachschulung GmbH in Vienna:

Yes, it does so in compliance with all sanitary norms. Our premises are regularly ventilated and sanitized, and the distance between students in the classroom is not less than 2 meters.

The intensive course lasts one month. Three-hour classes are held four times a week, Monday to Thursday. You may select the most convenient time for yourself, as our groups meet from 8:15 to 11:15, 11:30 to 14:30, 14:45 to 17:45, and 18:00 to 21:00. However, the trainers arrange the times and the location themselves with the students.

You can take the test on our website. Please see Einstufungstest, which is German placement test.

Our groups consist of 6-16 people. We closely monitor the quality of education and limit the number of students in the group so that teachers can pay personal attention to everyone.

The cost of an intensive course at any level, whether Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced, is 250 € per month. If you decide to pay for two levels at once, which means two months of tuition, the fee is 450 € - you receive a 50 € discount.

Students of our school select one of the following types of accommodation:
a. A separate room in the host family's house;
b. Teilnehmer/in residence (dormitory);
c. Hostel;
d. Apartments.
You can find more details about these options in the Unterkunft, or Accommodation section.

See the article on the cost of living in Vienna in our blog: “Prices in Vienna. Budgeting for tourists and students”.

Absolutely. You will need a passport, medical insurance covering the period of your study, booking confirmation from a hostel or other place, invitation letter from IFU Sprachschulung GmbH, confirmation of payment for the course and funds on your bank account sufficient for household expenses during your stay in the country.

Our school sends students an invitation letter, which is the basic document for obtaining a visa at a consulate of the Austrian Republic. Please refer to the website of Austrian consulate in your home country to find more information about the visa process and rules.

Questions about the intensive online course on IFU Sprachschulung GmbH’s platform:

Depends on the level you choose. The very basic A1.1 course does not require any prior knowledge. Next levels assume that you have already mastered enough vocabulary and grammar to proceed to intermediate or advanced levels.

IFU Sprachschulung GmbH offers levels from A1 (Beginner) to C1 (Advanced) inclusive. To find out your current level of German language, we advise you to take a free test on our website. Please see Einstufungstest, which is German placement test.

The intensive online course at any level, from Beginner to Advanced, lasts one month. Thus, it is possible to complete all levels from A1.1 to C1.2 in 10 months of continuous intensive learning.

A gadget with uninterrupted Internet access, such as PC, laptop, or tablet, and a headset will do.

Check out our online weekend course in German language. This is the best solution for busy people.

The intensive online course costs 250 €. You can make a SWIFT payment at any bank in your home country.

Undoubtedly. Our teachers pay a lot of attention to pronunciation and communication skills. Each lesson includes dialogues and discussions on various topics.

Yes, you can. To do this, please contact the school administration by phone +43 676 45 55 505 or e-mail


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