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ÖIF Voucher

Important information for participants of integration courses

With this voucher …

… you can claim a pro-rata reimbursement of costs in the amount of max. EUR 750,-, if within 18 months from the granting of the relevant residence title (if no extension has been applied for and granted) you have

- participated in an integration course at a certified course institute at least 75 percent of the time and passed an

- ÖIF integration examination (ÖIF examination at A2 or B1 level, including knowledge of values and orientation).



For costs up to EUR 5 per course unit, 50 percent of the costs are covered. If the costs exceed EUR 5 per course unit, EUR 2.50 per course unit is covered, up to a maximum of EUR 750 for 300 course units.

If several integration courses are completed, the above calculation method is applied to each individual course and the results are added together.

Do you want to get 50% of the course price refunded? Do the following:

1. Step: get a voucher from the ÖIF.

If you have received a blue federal voucher, you can attend an integration course at a certified course institute.

2. Step: register for the ÖIF course.

Online (➨ Registration) or in the office at Vienna 1040 Frankenberggasse 14 / 7,7а, 8

3. Step: successfully complete the A2 course (or one of the 2 modules).

➨ German Integration Course A2

4. Step: successfully pass the ÖIF exam.

➨ ÖIF exam dates

5. Step: receive a refund of 50% of the course price from ÖIF.

Then send the blue federal voucher together with a copy of your ÖIF exam certificate and your account information by registered mail to:
Austrian Integration Fund
Attn: Language Department
Landstraßer Hauptstrasse 26
1030 Vienna


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