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You didn't find where to stay in Vienna? Then this information for you.

If you decide to learn German, then the fastest and best way is to learn a language in German-speaking countries, for example, in Austria. IFU Sprachschulung offers German language courses in Vienna with accommodation, because living is one of the important parts of education.

For students of our school we offer the following types of accommodation:

  • Private room in the home of the host family;
  • Student residence (dormitory);
  • Hostel;
  • Apartments.

Living in a host family: learning German in a friendly atmosphere with native speakers

Especially for its students, the IFU School is looking for the best host families in Vienna, checks the living conditions in their home. All families live in close proximity to our school, which will allow you to quickly get to classes.

The main advantage of this type of accommodation is that you can learn spoken German in your host family simply by doing your daily activities. Here you will learn a lot about the culture of the Austrians, about their daily life and traditions, which will not only be useful for your language skills, but also very informative.

The price includes: single room, use of kitchen, washing machine (or laundry), bedding and towels. Also for an additional fee you can order two meals or three meals a day.

Important! If you decide that this type of course with accommodation in a host family is right for you, then book at least 1 month before the start of the course.

We also ask you to remember that the host family is people with children, single mothers, elderly couples, you will be a guest in their home and you should behave respectfully towards them.

Accommodation in an Austrian student residence (dormitory)

One of the most popular types of accommodation in Vienna for those who come to learn German is living in a student residence. Together with other students, you will be integrated into the Austrian community and will be an active participant in student life in Vienna, make new friends, go on excursions, walk in the park. Perhaps it is here that you will find best friends for life.

Communicating with students and residents of the hostel you will actively use the acquired skills in speaking, which you will study at the IFU, attending an intensive German language course. This is a great opportunity to consolidate and improve your skills.

What is included in the price of accommodation in a student residence:

  • Single or double room in a standard student dormitory;
  • Communal kitchens where you can cook your own food and bathrooms;
  • Telephone and internet connection in each room;
  • Bed linen (not available in all hostels, you need to specify);
  • Computer room;
  • Laundry;
  • Table tennis;
  • TV room.

Some hostels have a cafeteria.

Sign up for German courses at IFU with accommodation in a student residence - this is the best option for quick and effective learning of the German language! Here you will find many friends, get acquainted with the culture of the Austrians, learn how to properly talk with native speakers.

Student residence in Vienna | IFU Sprachschulung

Accommodation in an Austrian student residence | IFU Sprachschulung

Accommodation in the hostel

An alternative to stay in the capital of Austria may be a hostel. The hostel is a European tourist accommodation system that provides accommodation for a short or long term, which is usually a bed without additional amenities in the room. The hostel can live nationality from around the world. Therefore, within the framework of security, there are cells that are locked with a key, where you can leave your belongings.

This type of overnight stay comes with the presence of a common living room, in the form of a kitchen with the ability to cook by yourself. In some hostels it is possible to order breakfast in the form of "All you can eat" for an additional fee.

Accommodation in one of the central apartments of the city

As a new type of accommodation to stay - this is the most popular type for staying in big cities. If you want to feel at home while spending time in Vienna. You have the opportunity to reserve an apartment. This accommodation also has the opportunity to use the service of cleaning or security. They are located in the very center of Vienna, so you can even get to your destination within walking distance.

Excursion to explore the capital of Austria

So that you can get better acquainted with the beautiful capital of Vienna, we offer you the opportunity to book a tour. Cognitive sightseeing walking tours or car tours. The program prepared by a certified Guide will be interesting for those who are in the capital for the first time and for those who are frequent guests. You will learn the most important moments from the History, you will see the popular sights of the city and you can plunge into the atmosphere of Austrian culture.

You want to spend your time in a new city forever imprinted in your memory. Then you need to book a tour for a better acquaintance with the country. Since guided tours are an important part of the tourist program.

Type of accommodation Intensive courses / month euros Accommodation day/month euros Excursion / hike through Vienna 2 hours / euros Excursion by car / 3 hour euros
Westend City Hostel
250 euros from 22 / from 660 euros 150 euros
250 euros
250 euros from 450 euros 150 euros 250 euros
A&O Hostel Wien
250 euros from 22 / 660 euros 150 euros 250 euros
wombat's CITY HOSTEL 250 euros from 25 / 750 euros 150 euros 250 euros
OeAd Unterkünfte
250 euros from 600 euros 150 euros 250 euros
Aparment in Wien 250 euros from 59/ from 1770 euros 150 euros 250 euros
German language courses in Vienna with accommodation

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