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Requirements for letter writing in German (A1-B1 level)

Requirements for letter writing in German - A1-B1 level | IFU Sprachschulung GmbH

Development of writing skills in German language is a key for successful studying of not only vocabulary but also essential grammar. Clear word order and sentence structure in German language are different from another one, therefore, there is no place for creativity.

It is necessary to write grammatically right in German while studying the language or getting a new job, for example, in order to write a CV.

First steps….А1

Let’s consider an easy level - A1. In writing part of language proficiency exam, one should write a brief text to a friend, including all necessary information.

The main theme in writing part of the exam is a letter composition i.e.:

  • Date and address;
  • Greeting;
  • Beginning;
  • Main part;
  • Conclusion;
  • Tell goodbye.

In order to greet students are allowed to use such grammatical structures as «Liebe(-r)….» and «Sehr geehrte(-r)…» Difference between them is simple. «Liebe….» is used while writing informal letters, for example when you write to your friends, fellows and parents. Though «Sehr geehrte(-r)…» is used only in formal correspondence.

Requirements for letter writing on A2 level

According to the exam requirements, level A2 is essentially the same as A1. The main difference is that it has Schreiben phase, where you have to write 2 texts. The first one is a brief message to friends or parents that requires fulfilling of 2-3 tasks, after which student proceeds to the second one. It is a formal letter on a certain topic that requires fulfilling of 3-4 tasks.

Writing part on the A2 level is not difficult for sure, unlike the next level. B1 has more than one or two tasks. If you want to attain B1 certificate, be ready to fulfill all three phases.

  • Writing a brief letter on a given situation;
  • Writing an opinion;
  • Formal letter.

The key feature of all texts is a structure. It has to be clear and without logic mistakes in a narration. Exposition order of information is given above! As far as exam standards are concerned, the letter must contain minimum of 80 words furthermore a vocabulary used in letter must correspond to the B1 level.

Never attempt to cheat on the exam. It is not just strictly forbidden but has bad consequences. If a cheat sheet is found the exam results are canceled. However, there is a great range of set phrases to remember, that can help you to begin a letter and answer the main questions. Keep them and learn.


Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren

Lieber… / Liebe…


Main part:


Ich würde gern…

Ich danke dir für…

Schreib mir….

Telling goodbye:

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Mit herzlichen Grüßen

Liebe Grüße

Bis bald

If you have some difficulties and a self-reading period for the exam is hard enough for you, ask specialists for help. Among hundreds of online school, Sprachschulung provides specialists, who are ready to prepare you for getting through the exam of any level from A1 to C1. Moreover, school has website with already posted examples of exam texts that meet all appropriate requirements and standards.

Letters in German for the A1 level

Letters in German for the A1 level

Letters in German for the A1 level


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