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Welcome to Vienna

Welcome to Vienna

Willkommen in Wien - IFU

As the federal capital of Austria Vienna can provide a high quality of life. Many people who live, study, migrate or visit the city can confirm that.

Even though Vienna may seem a little frantic at first glance, living in Vienna offers many possibilities to forget the everyday life and to have some fun. In various coffee houses and bars, at the “Heuriger” (a tavern selling homegrown wine), at festivals or parties – the inhabitants and visitors of this vivid city will always find something interesting for yourself. Sporty people and those who are looking for some rest will be pleased with several parks and green spaces. Plus, Vienna is one of the safest cities in the world (if there should still happen something, here are the emergency numbers: 122 – fire service; 133 – police; 144 – ambulance).

Willkommen in Wien 2 - IFU
Prices and costs - Welcome to Vienna

Prices and costs

EU-wide the prices – since 1st January 2002 the official currency in Austria is Euro – are average.
Food and drinks - Welcome to Vienna

Food and drinks

In near proximity to the IFU Sprachschulung there are several cafés, bars, pubs and Kebap booths. Food and drinks are available for 10 € up to 30 € and more (depends on the location). A beer in the evening, for example, you can get for about 3,50 and more.
Accommodation - Welcome to Vienna


Whether a living community, a student residence, an own apartment – there’s plenty to find in Vienna. The rents can vary a lot – it depends on the district and the condition of the apartments or rooms. That means from about 185 € (e. g. a double room in a student residence) up to 600 € and more – there are many possibilities.
Transport - Welcome to Vienna


Public transport in Vienna is very good and affordable (as compared to European and even international standards). At the ticket machine you get one for 2,70 €, a weekly ticket costs 17,10 € and a monthly ticket 51 €.
IFU is reachable via Karlsplatz (U2, U3, U4, 4A; trams D, 1, 71 via Schottentor; tram 2 via Volkstheater) or via Matzleinsdorfer Platz (tram lines 1, 62; Wiener Lokalbahn).
In Vienna, many people also travel with their bikes, and there are several parking spaces for bicycles. For car drivers there are several parking garages (P+R) and parking areas with short-term parking zones (attention: pay and display tickets!)
Leisure time - Welcome to Vienna

Leisure time

You can go to the cinema and watch a movie for 9,90 € and more; Burgtheater for 3,50 € and more (standing place); Volkstheater for 5 € and more (standing place); Vienna’s English Theater for 25 € and more; Wiener Staatsoper for 15 €; Volksoper for 3 € and more (standing place).
Mit anderen kommunizieren - Welcome to Vienna

Communicating with others

Whether it’s your own mobile phone, WiFi accesses in different locations or a classical call box – in Vienna people can communicate quite well with each other.
Closed in 2019 - Welcome to Vienna

Closed in 2019

On the following legal holidays German courses are not taking place at the IFU institute:
Neujahrstag (1.1.2019), Hl. Dreikönige (6.1.), Ostermontag (22.4.), Tag der Arbeit (1.5.), Christi Himmelfahrt (30.5.), Pfingstmontag (10.6.), Fronleichnam (20.6.), Maria Himmelfahrt (15.8.), Nationalfeiertag (26.10.), Allerheiligen (1.11.), Maria Empfängnis (8.12.; Geschäfte offen), Christtag (25.12.), Stephanitag (26.12.)

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