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Let's get to know each other better!

Warum ist es denn ein Hase, der die Ostereier legt, und kein Huhn? | IFU Sprachschulung GmbH As the saying goes: "Meet on clothes, and see off on the mind".

Whether you are a student, an entrant, a company employee, a government employee, a housewife or an unemployed person, you are primarily a person who should be able to begin by introducing himself and telling a couple of words about himself. This will be your business card in the dialogue with success. And the key to your success will be your knowledge of the German language.

Brief, but useful information is useful to any of our readers. And if you are already a student of our institute, then you can easily repeat and consolidate the material you have passed!

We bring to your attention a set of phrases, the knowledge of which will not fail you at the first meeting. Will help to leave a good impression of you.

So, let's begin.

Wie heißt du / heißen Sie / heißt ihr?
- How are you / your name?

Ich heiße ...
- My name is...

Sehr angenehm.
- Very nice.

Schön, dich / Sie / euch kennenzulernen.
- It's nice to meet you / you.

Wie alt bist du / sind Sie / seid ihr?
- How old are you?

Ich bin ... (Jahre alt).
- To me ... (year / year / years).

Wo wohnst du / wohnen Sie / wohnt ihr?
- Where do you live / You live?

Ich wohne in ...
- I live in...

Woher kommst du / kommen Sie / kommt ihr?
- Where are you from?

Ich komme aus ...
- I'm from...

Was bist du / sind Sie / seid ihr von Beruf? / Was machst du / machen Sie / macht ihr beruflich?
- Who do you work / do you work?

Ich bin ... / Ich arbeite als ...
- I - ... / I'm working ...

Was ist dein / Ihr / euer Hobby?
- What is your / your hobby?

Darf ich mich vorstellen?
- Allow / allow me to introduce myself!

Darf ich dir / Ihnen / euch ... vorstellen?
- May I introduce you to ...

  Still have questions? Want to know more? Teachers of our institute will help to improve your oral speech and correct all mistakes in pronunciation of German words and sentences .. Register for courses to our Institut IFU Sprachschulung GmbH. Learn and develop together with us!

Sincerely, IFU Sprachschulung GmbH!