Online German course starts from 13.02.2023*.

Intensive German course starts from 13.02.2023*.

Weekend German course online starts from 11.02.2023.

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To Austria for knowledge!

"Learning a new language is not only learning new words for the same things, but also learning a new way of thinking about the same things"
- Flora Lewis

To Austria for knowledge! | IFU Sprachschulung GmbH- Have you gathered abroad?

- To Europe?

- To Austria?

- Do not know how to start?

- Start with the language!

- What language?

- Of course, from German!

- Where and how is it better to teach?

- Well, of course, in the country you are going to go to!

- Who will help you in this?

- Of course, we are!

In the beautiful capital of Austria - in the city Vienna is our institute, where you can enroll in an intensive course in German language in IFU Sprachschulung GmbH. Here, qualified teachers will offer you all their best knowledge. From the conversation course to the preparation for international examinations in German.

The choice of what exactly is right for you the best is your choice, our dear guests and readers! But we are ready to say with certainty that with us you will learn how to go shopping, visit the wonderful sights of our country and limit yourself not only to its borders! With the knowledge of the language you will find a good job abroad, go to a university. Knowledge of the language will help to approach the European culture and to feel its advantages.

Being in Austria - do not waste time. Come to us and learn German! And suddenly it is knowledge of the language that will awaken in you the desire to stay in Austria forever !?

It is not an unimportant issue for those who are interested in a residence permit in Austria. Learn all the pros and cons, opportunities and prospects you can only thanks to the knowledge of the German language. Studying the language in the country of its use, you will be able to fully live the life of the local population. It's so cool to think also in a foreign language. You become smarter at least twice ...

In the following articles, we will talk about each of the above opportunities (study, work, permanent residence, etc.) in more detail. We will instil in you interest in the German language, the prospect of its assimilation and the further realization of oneself through yourself and, of course, to us!

IFU Sprachschulung GmbH!