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How quickly learn German and not fall asleep from the boring reading of books?

In the twenty-first century, the age of new technologies, it became possible to enjoy learning languages. Simple reading of books is completely unappealing and boring for you? Then we suggest you a selection of games for learning German. They will help you to have a good time, expand your vocabulary, learn the basics of grammar and spelling without much effort, you will play and learn at one time.

Teachers IFU Sprachschulung GmbH recommend listeners these fascinating games, as one of the best ways for memorizing words and phrases in German.

So, are you ready to play?

The application "City of Words" invites you to a fascinating walk around the city. Here, with the help of interactive communication with other players, you can replenish your vocabulary to level A2. And most importantly, the game is suitable even for beginners. Simple tasks and beautiful design will attract the attention of both children and adults and will be useful and interesting.

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The game "The Secret of the Heavenly Disk" is meant to be for adventure lovers. Players travel in Germany, trying to solve the riddle of the disk from Nebras, which is more than 4000 years. The application is intended for already more advanced students of the school, the level of which exceeds A2.

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"Mysterious task" - this is another game for adventurers and detectives. The application is an exciting criminal case that can be resolved only when players learn and use the correct vocabulary of the business German: They have to apply for a job and conduct an interview, organize meetings and make public presentations. The main heroine Jade and the other players must be successful at work, because only way they will find a solution to her mysterious task.
The interactive dialogues and mini-games will help to raise your level of knowledge of the German language with fun. Also you will receive basic information about intercultural communication. This game matchs listeners with a level of B1 and higher.

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An application for memorizing words is an excellent simulator for replenishing your vocabulary. You can learn German at anytime, anywhere, for example, in transport or standing in the underground, however you want. And most importantly, this application is suitable for all levels from the CAFR table, from A1 to C2.

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