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Weather in Vienna: When to visit the Austrian capital?

Wetter in Wien: Wann ist die beste Zeit, um die österreichische Hauptstadt zu besuchen?

In Vienna, the seasons are quite distinct. However, due to the mild continental climate, severe cold or sweltering heat are very rare.

The surrounding mountains protect the plain on which Vienna is located from heavy rainfalls, rough winds and hot air from southern Europe. The pleasant climate makes it a good destination all year round, as even in winter one can enjoy walking tours.

Winter in Vienna

The absolute minimum temperature recorded since 1981 is -22C in January and -26C in February. But don’t get scared: these are extreme values ​​recorded long time ago. Nowadays, the average winter temperature is somewhere around zero degree Celsius, or 32 Fahrenheit.

  • For example, from 2015 to 2020, the weather on Christmas Eve in Vienna was quite pleasant: between +5 and +13 during the day and +5 to +9 at night.
  • A similar weather has been observed over the past five years on New Year's Eve: between +3 and +12 during the day and +2 to +8 at night.


In December and January, one may expect several rainy or snowy days, so it is worth bringing an umbrella and waterproof boots. There are many pictures on Internet, in which elegant Vienna is covered with a thick layer of fluffy snow – but don’t put high hopes on it, as most often the snow melts quickly.

Spring in Vienna

Spring weather is the most treacherous. There might be frosts in March, and the temperature may significantly change from one week to another up to the end of May.

  • Over the past five years, the March temperatures have fluctuated drastically: from -7 to +21 during the day and from -11 to +15 at night. (This does not mean a 20C change during a given day, but the value range observed in this month over a 5-year period.)
  • April weather is proverbial, but warmer: from +6 to +26 during the day.
  • May daytime temperatures can range from +10 to +27.


Making forecasts based on such statistics is extremely difficult, so be prepared for anything and double-check the forecast just before your trip.

Summer in Vienna

Summer in Vienna is the high tourist season with the longest days of the year. Thanks to the Alps, hot air from other regions of Europe does not affect the city too much, and therefore the temperature rarely rises above +30.

The absolute maximum temperature, recorded in the summer months since 1981, was +38 degrees, but again, this was an anomaly. On average, the daytime temperature from June to August is about +23.

  • Over the past five years, June temperatures have fluctuated from +16 to +33 during the day and from +14 to +26 at night. Cool days were very rare, and daylight hours are the longest.
  • In July and August, the temperature is getting closer to +30 more often.


Autumn in Vienna

Weather in September and October is pleasant for visiting Vienna. In November, it gets colder, and one can feel the winter getting closer.

  • In September, daylight is still relatively long, and the temperature is above +20 degrees. By the end of the month it can cool down to +14 during the day and +9 at night.
  • October is more cloudy and rainy, with an average monthly temperature of +10, although in recent years Vienna experienced warmer autumn and mild winter.
  • In November, there is a sharp decline in temperature: from rare warm days at the beginning of the month to cold ones closer to December (+4, +2).


Now you have an idea what the weather is like in Vienna. We want to remind you that this information cannot be applied to all of Austria, as the landscape greatly affects the local microclimate.

Getting ready for a trip, check the forecast for the next 10 days and make alternative plans in case of rain. There are many palaces and museums in Vienna where you can spend your time learning about history, art and culture.


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