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How to find a job in Vienna as a student?

How to find a job for student in Vienna? | IFU Sprachschulung GmbH

Teilnehmer/in life consists not, oddly enough, only of study, attendance of lectures and seminars, and feverish cramming before exams. Students, as a rule, often want to escape from difficult studies, and are looking for interesting leisure options. But if you are a student, you know that most of them can be quite tangible for a not very deep student wallet.

As a way out of the situation, many students decide to find a part-time job to achieve a more or less stable income covering everyday and weekend needs. Of course, studying is a very energy-intensive event, consuming a lot of time and effort, and it seems to many students that it is impossible to combine it with work. Sometimes it really does not work out, for a number of different reasons, but, in general, with proper time management, it is quite realistic to combine.

If you are a student in a city like Vienna, then you are also lucky that most universities in Vienna allow students to freely choose their schedule, adjusting it to their own schedule and to their needs. You can easily get a Geringfügig-position (the salary should not exceed 445 Euro in this case) or part-time employment, which is also very convenient for the student, since the insurance will be covered by the employer in this case.

So how do you find a job if you are a student?

Useful sites

In the age of technology and the Internet, it would be strange not to use the most obvious option for job search - online job exchanges. In addition to the well-known LinkedIn and Xing, look at Austrian sites such as and others. Some of them, in addition to vacancies, publish useful tips for resumes and interviews, and allow you to learn more about the companies you are interested in.

More initiative!

Yes, as noted earlier, we now have the 21st century rd and everything that goes with it. But still, many Austrian small firms, shops, for example, or restaurants, hang up the old-fashioned advertisement about finding an employee right outside. Therefore, it makes sense to go around the city and scan stores, boutiques (even such large ones as Mango, Humanic, Zara, etc., are looking for personnel in this way), restaurants. To do this, be sure to take with you a pack of printed resumes, and even if the employer you are interested in is not looking for anyone at the moment, it will be useful to go in and introduce yourself and leave your resume. Who knows, maybe soon, when the place becomes free, they will call you back and invite you for an interview.


In Vienna, the so-called Messe is held periodically - employers' fairs, internships, education and everything on this topic. They are often organized with the support of major universities like WU or Universität Wien, and you can easily find announcements about next ones on Facebook. Such fairs are a great opportunity to meet the employer personally, introduce yourself, show what kind of person and employee you are, and, last but not least, make useful connections. In the modern world, networking is one of the most effective ways to find a job, not only for a student, but in general, so, undoubtedly, it is worth remembering about it and starting to expand the circle of acquaintances now..

Good luck with your job search!


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