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Why you should study in Vienna?

Why you should study in Vienna? | IFU Sprachschulung GmbH

It is important to emphasize that the Austrian capital has been considered by many institutions to be the most livable city in the world for many years. Orderly functioning infrastructure, cleanliness, an excellent transport system, air quality and a well-organized social system - that's all about Vienna.

Plenty of opportunities

Fun fact: Vienna has more students than big cities like Hamburg, Berlin or Munich! There are about 190,000 students in the city, so Vienna has a lot to offer to hem. As a student, you get discounts or special offers at many different locations, such as restaurants, cinemas, shops. There are many cultural events, world class concerts and a great nightlife. It is interesting to mention, that there are also events, which aim to connect people, who want to learn a certain language. One of them is called “Sprachcafe”, where you can join a table, where the language you interested in is being spoken, and set your knowledge to praxis.

If you get tired of the city jungles, the variety of parks and national parks are at your service. Not to mention the Wiener Wald, one of the most famous forests in Europe, which is located in close proximity to Vienna.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees at public universities are quite affordable compared to other major cities. You pay less or more depending on your country of origin. The citizens of EU-countries only pay so-called “ÖH-Beitrag”, which is approximately 19 Euro per semester. The citizens of third countries usually pay around 746 Euro per semester, however, there are several exceptions, which are to find on the official websites of the chosen university.

Which university to choose?

You can choose between different universities, depending on your interests and your future career path: University of Vienna, Vienna University of Technology, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna Medical University and more. There are also many universities of applied sciences, they called “Fachhochschule” in German. There you can find many programs, where the theory and praxis are being closely connected, in order to maintain a perfect mix of both theoretical and practical knowledge.

In addition to interesting study programs, every university offers many exciting student activities throughout the year - so you have no chance to get bored!

Plan your day just how you want

The universities in Vienna generally have no strict plan when it comes to planning your semester. Whereas there are several lectures or seminars which are mandatory to pass in order to take other courses, others are almost free to choose. After successfully completing mandatory courses, you can plan your semester based solely on your time and mood. Of course, there is a recommended order, which is suggested by the university, but in the most cases you are not necessarily need to follow it.


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