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Topic 2 "My hobby"

Different people eagerly do different things since their tastes differ. Therefore, different people have different hobbies, too. A hobby is something people engage in to have fun, to relax and to spend their free time.

Usually people choose their favourite activity as a hobby. It is something that suits their character and taste. No one will engage in a hobby they cannot derive delight from. If you have an interesting and entertaining hobby, then your life, too, becomes much more interesting.

Most people choose certain activities as their hobbies – ranging from traveling and hiking to photography, or from table tennis to football. Others find delight in knitting, crocheting, doing craftwork, painting, etc..

Collecting is another interesting kind of hobby. People collect a variety of things, such as books, toys, car models, coins, disks, etc. There are serious collectors of expensive paintings, rare artifacts and other objects of art. Such hobbies are typical for rich people. One can often see such collections in museums, art galleries or libraries.

Others are happy to work in the garden, plant flowers, vegetables and fruits. This gives them the feeling of being closer to nature.

Quite often, a hobby helps people to decide on their future profession. In my opinion, a person can become happy if his work is related to his hobby, if he derives pleasure and earns money at the same time. 

Today computer games have become a favourite pastime both for many children and for many adults.

As for me, I, too, have a hobby. Many people are interested in sports, they like running, swimming, skiing, and working out in the gym. If a person does sports, then he feels much better. Personally, I am interested in sports. This is a very important part of my life. I like playing volleyball and working out in the gym, I also like doing my morning gymnastics. Why do I like sports? Mainly because I believe men should be well built and strong. Women look for slim lean body and physique.

If I have spare time, I enjoy listening to music. I like different music styles, ranging from classics to rock. I am also an avid reader. Adventure stories are my favourites.

Photography is also my passion. My parents presented me with a good camera on my last birthday. I always make sure to have my camera with me at all times as you never know when the right moment to take a good photo comes up. Once I participated in an exhibition. People told me they liked my photos very much. I also love taking photos of my family. At the moment, we already have a lot of photos. This is a good memory for us.

I believe it is very important to have one or several hobbies.


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