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Topic 5 "The life of youth in Austria"

If you go about sorting out the priorities of the Austrian youth, the top three is going to look like following: family, well-being, success. However, most young men and women under the age of 30 are not pondering the issue of starting a family immediately, not to mention the birth of a child. The latest sociological studies conducted among the young people in the country resulted in the following. When faced with the question ‘What is your personal wish for the future’, the majority provided such response as ‘having a strong family’, closely followed by ‘feeling good’. As for the family, its values are actively promoted among the youth.  The law is on guard of this social institution, in particular, marital infidelity in Austria is not officially recognized as sufficient grounds for a divorce. Family is an important value in life, since in it the Austrians find a reliable protection from everyday worries and concerns. No wonder why the house is called a second skin in the country.

Active lifestyle is another top priority among the youth in Austria famous for their health. There are many pistes for downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding tracks, as well as stadiums and sports grounds. Downhill skiing is undoubtedly number one sport in this Alpine country. In terms of safety, Austria ranks among the top countries in the EU. The crime rate among young people is extremely low. Addiction is not a serious issue in the society.

As for success, the Austrians identify it with education and career growth. Higher education is relatively affordable. There are 15 public universities in Austria, not to mention 6 arts universities. One may also pursue a degree in private universities, as well as in specialized schools and institutes. The motto of the educational system in Austria is as follows: ‘We do not learn for school, but for life.’ High school graduates, apart from good background and pre-university training, are also prepared for life as it is. Degrees awarded by Austrian universities are highly valued in Europe, university graduates have no difficulties in finding a job.

Austria is a country rich in cultural, most notably musical traditions. Music is very popular among young people, this is true not only for contemporary music, but for folk music, too. A whole lot of folk festivals and celebrations take place in Austria.

It should also be mentioned that some part of the youth in Austria is notorious for its extremist tendencies. Some adolescents are aggressive towards foreigners living in the country, which has led to the formation of right-wing extremist groups.

Last but not least, adulthood comes at the age of 18 according to the Austrian laws. From a legal standpoint, it is at this time that a person becomes independent, capable, and takes full responsibility for himself/herself.


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