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Topic 6 "The role of music in our life"

There are many styles of music. These are, for example, rap and pop music, rock and alternative music, industrial and disco music, drum and bass and techno music, and, of course, classical music. Different people like different music. Some scientists even say they can determine your character if they know which music you like. For example, they assume that people who prefer listening to rock are very intelligent and sensible. British scientists claim that most young people go with aggressive music, such as metal and rock. Scientists say that these people are good learners because of their character and diligence. I agree with this statement because I think that music reveals both soul and character.

As for me, my favorite singer is Andreas Gabalier, an Austrian singer. He performs folk music. I love this artist because of good lyrics and unusual music arrangement. He has released five albums. I like all of his songs without exception. My favorite one is ‘Amoi seg 'ma uns wieder’. He is very talented. He writes lyrics and composes music.

I have always admired people who compose music and write lyrics. I think such people are really talented. Also, I believe they are good at drawing and can express their feelings through their music and lyrics. They can make you cry or laugh. Moreover, they can make you think about global problems, or you can just lie and dream while listening to music.

It seems to me that we can hardly live without music. My motto is: ‘Silence is a killer!’. As for me, I always listen to music when I’m happy or when I’m down. It helps me in my daily life. I listen to music everywhere: at home, on the bus, on the street.

Today they also use relaxing music for medicinal purposes. Of all music styles, the classical music of such famous composers as Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and Vivaldi is much more beneficial than other styles.

Music is everywhere! It’s part of television, the radio and the films. Can you imagine any film without music?!  Of course, not! What if you watched TV with the sound off, what if you saw a ballet with no melody on, what if you just heard voices without the melody in an opera? Life would be boring without music.



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