Online German course starts from 03.07.2023.

Intensive German course starts from 03.07.2023.

German for Doctors and Patients - Video lessons

These videos are aimed at doctors and patients. Here you will find many useful words and phrases, which will certainly help you out to better provide or get medical services. With these videos, not only will you learn German but will find out about many interesting things as well!

Lesson 1. Einfuhrung in die Fachsprache Medizin

Lesson 2. Materialien im Krankenhaus

Lesson 3. Von der Erkrankung zur Genesung

Lesson 4. Die allgemeine Anamnese

Lesson 5. Anamnesegesprach

Lesson 6. Die spezielle Anamnese

Lesson 7. Die korperliche Untersuchung

Lesson 8. Untersuchung

Lesson 9. Fallprasentation

Lesson 10. Arztliche Gesprachsfuhrung

Lesson 11. Arzt - Patienten Gespräch

Lesson 12. Das schwere Gesprach Uberbringen

Lesson 13. Fachvortrag

Lesson 14. Arztbrief


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