ÖIF-Kurse: Niveaustufen A1, A2, B1 WienCert IFU

Online German course starts from 30.05.2022.

Intensive German course starts from 30.05.2022.

Weekend German course online starts from 04.06.2022.

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German for continuing students with feeling from Inna Levenchuk

Teaching video for students who continue studying German. Inna Levenchuk, a Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, a German teacher with more than 12 years of experience is the founder and the headmaster of the online school of German.

Lesson 1. Rektion der Verben / Verbs case government in German

Lesson 2. Verben mit Präpositionen/ Sätze bilden/ Verbs with government in German

Lesson 3. Hausaufgabe prüfen/ Home task check

Lesson 4. Correspondence in German

Lesson 5. Präteritum/ Past Simple tense in German

Lesson 6. Perfekt/ Present Perfect tense in German

Lesson 7. Präteritum via Perfekt/ Past Simple vs Present Perfect

Lesson 8. Futur/ Future tense in German

Lesson 9. Cases in German

Lesson 10. Degrees of comparison of adjectives in German

Lesson 11. Prepositions in German

Lesson 12. Sentences with conjunctions: wenn, als, wann in German / differences

Lesson 13. Constructions Infinitiv+zu, um… zu, damit/ sentence building/ difference between conjunctions

Author: Ina Levenchuk