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Topic 3 "Healthy nutrition"

We live in a world that is so fast-paced that we hardly have any time for healthy nutrition. Hasty eating can be harmful to the body. Buying every desired product is also risky. Today, there are many products that are genetically modified. This means that they were not grown in a natural environment and conditions. If we want to maintain a healthy diet, we should avoid such foods. Healthy nutrition is very important for everyone. Wise people say: ‘Health is dearer than wealth.’ True, we cannot perform without eating. This is our natural source of energy, so it's better to choose it carefully. For example, our body needs more vitamins and minerals, while it does not need much cholesterol. That's why it is better to avoid fat-containing foods. We also need less sodium, which is contained in salt, along with less sugar. I now try to eat less sweets and cakes. First, it can cause excessive weight. Second, it is not very good for health.

To stay healthy, it is a good idea to include a lot of vegetables and fruits in your meals. Other healthy and nutritious foods include fish, seafood, whole grains, low-fat or fat free dairy products, lean meat, eggs, legumes, seeds and nuts. Nevertheless, much depends on the body of a person and its needs. For example, some people have a severe allergy to nuts. In this case, they must remove this product from their daily diet. Another problem is the growing number of fast food chains. People want to have a quick meal but do not realize that fast food is not always good for their health. Dietary regimen is also important. This means that we must take meals at certain times during the day. For example, breakfast at 8 am, lunch at 1 pm, afternoon tea at 4 pm and dinner at 6 pm. Along with a healthy diet, we should try to keep ourselves fit by doing exercises, riding a bike, spending less time watching TV and not smoking.


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