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Video tutorial for the Start Deutsch А1 exam from Deutsch Turist

An interesting and educational video for anyone intending to take the Start Deutsch А1 exam at Goethe-Institut. Here you will find useful tips, educational materials, sample letters, activities with cards, question-answer activities easily accessible.

Deutsch A1: ein, eine, kein, keine im Nominativ - der Verkehr 1

Cards. German Language. Vehrker.

Days of the week. Prepositions.


My exams experience. Answers of the audience No.1

How to study German

How to study articles

How to study articles

About me

Sprechen. Cards

How to study articles



How to write a letter

Cards. Cases.

House, room, description

Lesson 17

Work with cards. Question-answer.

Speaking test. Past tense.

How to fill in a form

How to fill in a letter

Ways to study German

My Start Deutsch A1 exam experience in the Goethe Institute


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